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Escorts are not prostitutes. However, you must know that some girls include sexual exchanges in their services. It is essential that when selecting the services, you clarify if you can have sex with her.

The variety of toys and escorts can offer you

You can use a wide variety of sex toys to practice with an escort. It is the perfect way to add fun when you have sex with this type of private girls.

• The vibrator: escorting girls who offer sexual services always carry a vibrator. It will be the best effective way for you to stimulate and excite an escort.

• Lubricants: if you want to have sex with an escort, it is important to use a lubricant so that this encounter is ideal. This girl can also use this product for massage and stimulation.

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With various sex toys, you can have the best sex with the escort you hire. For this reason, do not forget to add a toy to your date so that you can experience a different pleasure full of fun.

When you use these toys, you must do it carefully because they can end up hurting you. The escorts who know how to master this kind of service are quite used to using them and are usually experts in obtaining good results.

Let yourself be placed in handcuffs by an escort

To do something different with an escort, you can ask her to wear handcuffs when you meet her. This girl can use it to immobilize you while she caresses you, kisses you, and has sex with you. It would help if you did what you wanted with these female escorts to immerse yourself in great pleasure.

You can also ask this girl to wear stimulators. These will be perfect accessories to get into heat with your companion. You can meet feather accessories that are made with soft materials.

When the feathers touch your erotic zones, it will make you feel much pleasure. This is a very fun, exciting, and sensual type of game that you will want to experience with your escort. For this reason, before hiring this girl, you should know what you want to do with her.

With the handcuffs, you will be able to subdue your escort. This will allow you to touch her, kiss her and make her reach orgasm easily. These female escorts must have sensual toys and accessories they can use on your date.

The escorts now have tools and toys to get a complete service. So don't hesitate to contact a well-known agency to find the girl of your dreams.

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You must have a reliable, safe date and manage to go out with a professional luxury escort who gives you the services you expect.